Camping Shower


If you don't want to wait an hour for a shower at the festival, we have a solution for you ūüėä Fill up a bucket with water and be ready to go!¬†

Our Camping Shower is perfect during a hot day in Festival Camp. Nothing helps more than a splash of water during the day!

  • Portable:¬†Portable stuff is a must for camping and other outdoor activities. This camping shower is perfect in size and weight and easy to carry.
  • Water Flow:¬†Powerful water flow with the adjustable pressure knob
  • Usage:¬†Suitable for self-driving outdoor camping shower, car washing, or watering flowers or friends.

It is the best investment to accompany you on your camping adventures 

The camping Shower includes all accessories from the picture including the bucket!

We recommend using a 12V 20W Portable Solar Panel with the shower so you can use it anywhere in camp without a car!