Festival Tapestry

Do you want more of a Psychedelic or Meditation Experience at the festival? Try using our Festival Tapestry to clean and connect your mindset. Rave Mates has the best Wall Tapestry collection for your Psychedelic, Meditation, and Magic Mushroom Experiences.

Turn your Rooms or camps into your private sanctuary with the help of these Festival Wall Tapestries. These tapestries are perfect for any room and can be used next to your tents. These Festival Tapestries are made from the highest quality materials and can go with any colored mat or tent.

We offer vibrant and high-colored images that would help you get in the zone for your psychedelic adventure and Wall Décor. Being a youth-oriented organization that likes to stay updated on the latest trends, we bring you the latest designs to change the vibe of your room or tent.

Hang these tapestries on the wall, drape them on beds, divide a room or camp, or hide your secret stuff. Rave Mates helps you in doing all of that without breaking the bank. Check out the fantastic range of wall tapestries and choose the tapestry which connects with you the most.