Customize designs

Is there possibility to order different colour of clothes/print?

yes, all our designs are designed and printed by us so we are flexible in the terms of custom orders. Just send us message via chat or direct message to our instagram "rave mates"  with yours demand and we will do everything to meet your wish.

We can customize: 

*Print colour: Would you like different colour of printed text? No problem send us your desired colour and we will do maximum to meet your wish

*Part of text:: Do you like that T-shirt  motive of T-shirt  where it says you dont know how day without  Drum n Bass is like but you are actually in love with Hardstyle? No problem we can customize part of the text just for you!::) 

*Colour of clothes: If you can't see anywhere your favourite colour of clothes you desire try to ask us what can we do about that. Please note if it's notcolour which we have in inventory anywhere on website we wll need to order it from our supplier so delivery time can be longer then usual.

We can't customize:

*Whole text of print: unfortunately we have our designs copyright protected and some pictures buyied with copyright license agreement which can be used only on one design with minnor changes for commercial use. Only possibility how to meet your demand is do brand new design just for you but ofcourse it would cost something in advance just to make sure we are not wasting our time with 100% money back-guarantee when you are not 100% satisfied. Send us message with your request and we will respond you with prize.

*clothes what we print on: We simly know what is durabilty, fading and overall quality of clothes and print by doing countless wearing/washing tests before we sell them to the public. We are working on expanding our sortiment continuosly but we simply can't guarantee quality and longevity of the print if we didn't test it first . We can print on different clothes only if that product is already in our inventory but not with desired motive.