Rave Neon LED Mask

Light Blue
Ocean Blue

Our Rave Masks are on top of the trends with their artistic and scary design and light-emitting features.

Rave Neon LED Mask is for those who don’t wish to wear a simple or boring mask, especially while going to a rave, party, or concert. 😊

  • Luminous: This Mask glows and is charged with a USB helping it shine and allowing bright light to stay for a long time.
  • Material: This mask is made of high-quality PVC and El cold light, with no UV damage or side effects to the human body.
  • Occasion: This mask is to bring style and technology together. The design of it can be suitable for being extra when you are on special events.

Stay safe and in style with our LED Flashing Mask, which has luminous qualities helping it glow and emitting lights of beautiful colors.