Festival Camping Lights

Ball USB
Ball Battery
Star USB
Star Battery

Are you looking to differentiate your gazebo tent so you can find it when you return from rave to festival camp? 

Festival Camping Lights can change the appearance and mood of any place or area and turn the vibe into a different one.

With its golden color and dim light, it is perfect for elevating the mood and you can see it from far away in between all tents around! 

  • Length: We want the best experience for you; therefore, these lights are 10M in length, so they can cover the maximum area where they are placed.
  • USB Charging: It has USB charging, and the battery is not included. However, it has a long battery life and is convenient to use.
  • Occasions: It is suitable for many occasions, such as camping, birthday parties, festival camp, 

Get your hands on one of these now!